Support and Recovery Groups

Shame and feelings of isolation are common among those struggling with drug use and can feed the cycle of addiction. This is where support groups come in. Support groups can be crucial in an individual's recovery. They can help you establish a judgement-free community of caring people who have struggles similar to yours. There are support groups for everything from drug addiction to sex and love addictions. Each group has a different approach to recovery, some are faith based whereas others are based on scientific research and evidence - even within those categories there are different approaches, some use 12 steps, other use no-steps. Here we explore some of the groups that are local to the Merrimack Valley/Greater Boston area. 

SMART Recovery Meetings

“Participants learn tools for addiction recovery based on the latest scientific research and participate in a world-wide community which includes free, self-empowering, science-based mutual help groups.

The SMART Recovery 4-Point Program® helps people recover from all types of addiction and addictive behaviors, including: drug abuse, drug addiction, substance abuse, alcohol abuse, gambling addiction, cocaine addiction, prescription drug abuse, sexual addiction, and problem addiction to other substances and activities. SMART Recovery sponsors face-to-face meetings around the world, and daily online meetings. In addition, our online message board and 24/7 chat room are excellent forums to learn about SMART Recovery and obtain addiction recovery support.”

Local Meetings:
Middlesex Community College

33 Kearney Square
Lowell, MA 01852
Date and Time: Tuesdays 6:30PM-8:30PM
Facilitator Contacts:
Greg LaBranche
Glen Doherty

Lahey Clinic*

41 Burlington Mall Road
Burlington, MA 01803
Day and Time: Sundays 7PM-8:30PM
Main Facilitator Contact:


*Special Directions: Located in the Library Conference Room. Enter via main entrance and take a left. Free parking at 31 Mall Road. Walk down path/stairs through garage to hospital

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous is the original and leading Twelve Step based recovery group and peer support group with tens of thousands of meetings around the world. They do not discriminate, the only requirement for membership is that you are a person with a drinking problem who wants to get better, though specially tailored groups may be found on their website
Andover Meetings:
Tuesday 7 - 8 :15 PM

                  St. Augustine's Church
               43 Essex St.           
         Wednesday 10:30 AM
              Christ Church
              33 Centeral Street              

Friday 7:30-8:30 PM
            South Church
            41 Central St.          

Saturday: 8 PM

             Saint Augustine’s Church
              43 Essex Street    


Nar-Anon is a 12 step support group for the loved ones of people struggling with drug addictions.
Local Meetings:
Mondays 6:30

15 Forrest Street
Methuen, MA


Learn 2 Cope

Learn 2 Cope is a peer led support group for the families dealing with addiction and recovery and provides education about overdoses as well as Narcan training at weekly meetings. Meeting times and locations throughout Massachusetts can be found on their website.

Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous is the leading drug addiction Twelve Step peer support and recovery group with tens of thousands of meetings around the world. Their philosophy does not discriminate based on drug, age, gender, race, religion, or sexuality although there are NA meetings that are tailored to specific needs and populations. We have provided a list of just some of the many local groups near you. More groups with different days, times, and locations suited to your needs can be found on the regional website through their search function. Some people attend many different groups as needed for support.



Tewksbury Hospital - Old Chapel

365 East StreetTewksbury , MA

Day and Time: Sunday at 6:30PM


Our Lady of Good Counsel

128 Ames St

Lawrence , MA

Day and Time: Wednesday 7PM


King of Grace Church

28 Chadwick Street

Bradford , MA

Day and Time: 7PM


When searching for addiction resources and recovery centers, beware of Narconon (Not to be confused with Nar-Anon, a 12 step family support organization). Narconon will often be the first result on Google when searching for addiction resources and information. This not a legitimate resource as as make themselves out to be, they are a business that preys on people searching for real help and have had numerous fraudulent facilities around the world shut down or put on watch for dangerous and reckless practices with untrained counselors and little to no psychological or medical intervention.