For Members of

the Community

Our community is an integral part of prevention, intervention, and healing for young individuals susceptible to or suffering from addictions, common mental illnesses, and suicidality. Young people need support from friends and neighbors now more than ever, and we are grateful that you have come here to learn more about how you can be part of the solution. If you are worried about the wellbeing of a friend or neighbor, we have some tips on how you can help.

Did You Know?

Studies show there is a lot community can do to limit substance abuse and mental health concerns? Try saying hello to the next person you walk by, or letting someone in front of you in traffic. By creating a sense of togetherness, we can help those who may be at a low point in their lives.

Through our partners, including the Andover Youth Services, we have found that innovative prevention programming is a crucial part of fostering connection, passion, and positivity in the lives of young people. These things can help steer young people away from things like substance abuse, and assist in lessening the symptoms of depression and anxiety. To support these innovative programs in term help keep our young people on positive life paths, click below to donate to the Andover Youth Foundation.